Multiphase Flow Processes from CFD Perspective

Tentative Date: 24-26th August 2016
Venue: Theatre Multi Media (TMM), Faculty of Engineering, UNIMAS

Program Synopsis

Multiphase flows and the solution of the problems related to them using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a powerful tool for solving a wide variety of industrial problems. Commercial general-purpose codes have the potential to solve a very broad spectrum of flow problems. Current research is concentrated on overcoming the principle weaknesses of CFD, namely how it deals with turbulence and dispersed multiphase flows. Development work on solver algorithms, meshing, and user interface generation are ongoing, with the objectives of improving accuracy, reducing solution time, and increasing accessibility. In spite of the limitations of CFD, the economic value of industrial applications has been demonstrated in a variety of industries, and its value as a research tool has been accepted in many areas, such as meteorology, chemical, oil/gas, medicine, astrophysics etc. In industry, CFD is presently primarily in the hands of specialists, but the development of digital experts and tools to facilitate the development of digital experts may revolutionize the way industry uses CFD by providing ready access throughout the enterprise. This would result in significant gains in productivity and profitability.

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