Durable and Sustainable Modern Concrete

Tentative Date: 17th August 2016
Venue: Theatre Multi Media (TMM), Faculty of Engineering, UNIMAS

Program Synopsis

Concrete is presently reshaping its image due to recent technological developments such as the use of superplasticizers, silica fume, sophisticated admixtures and the increasing use of different types of high-performance concrete. Modern concrete is becoming a sophisticated construction material, designed for specific applications so that it can be used more easily and at a more economical environmental cost. The increased added value of these modern concretes makes them more interesting for all players in the construction industry. In spite of the fact that the construction industry is a very competitive industry, concrete can evolve from essentially a low-cost commodity product to a very efficient and ecological material having a high added value. This course aims to expose the participants with comprehensive advanced knowledge on concrete technology for the application in construction industry.

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