Understanding JKR Sarawak Form of Contract 2016

Tentative Date: 13th April 2016
Venue: Theatre Multi Media (TMM), Faculty of Engineering, UNIMAS

Program Synopsis

Malaysian standard form of contract usage varies between the states, especially in East Malaysian (Sarawak and Sabah, traditionally referred to as North Borneo represented more than half of the geographical land-mass and separated by some 1,000km of South China Sea) and West Malaysian states (the eleven states making the main peninsula bounded by Singapore in the south and Thailand in the north and home to the capital city of Kuala-Lumpur). It is important to note that there is a degree of autonomy in the governance of Sarawak including the operation and management of State’s Public Works Department. The JKR Form of Contract 2006 is the standard form of contract which dominates the largest states of Malaysia, Sarawak, in the civil engineering construction works to define the rights and obligations of the contracting parties. It serves as the General Conditions of Contract to majority of construction projects executed in not only public sector the state of Sarawak but also the private sector.

Details and registration form is available here.

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