Biofuel and Biofuel Engine

Tentative Date: 12th October 2016
Venue: Theatre Multi Media (TMM), Faculty of Engineering, UNIMAS

Program Synopsis

The more efficient use of biomass is demanded to solve the global crisis such as exhaustion of fossil fuel and global warming. Biomass is carbon fixation products of photosynthesis by plant using solar energy. Therefore, the environmental friendly energy system should be able to construct by control of production and utilization of biomass. Woody biomass, including agriculture residues, wood chips, paper wastes, etc., has already been transferred to bio-ethanol and bio-diesel in some cases and used as energy related products, although many issues such as efficiency and productivity still exist to be overcome. The aim of this workshop is to focus on efficient fermentation process of bio-ethanol production from woody biomass and efficient conversion of algal oil, jatropha oil, castor oil, waste vegetable oil and waste fat to biodiesel. Finally the application of the biofuel in engine will be discussed.

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