Attendance System

Attendance System is a time-saving attendance tracking system. This system is implemented for the automation of time and attendance using RFID Tag technology. RFID tag is applied for the purpose of tracking with combination of PIN Code. It is simple, effective and improved the efficiency of attendance taking method. With a simple setting, the attendance system is capable of marking attendance, attendance calculation and probation analysis. Reports and charts will be provided for the top management to make decision, annual review, and planning on man power.

Attendance System keeps personal information of users, their department, the RFID Tag and the personnel RFID Tag information and also the encrypted PIN. The Attendance System never records daily attendance but it records schedule, holidays in organization, schedule transfer and switching information. Attendance System can be used to synchronize for uploading attendance records to server in order to avoid network failure and record inaccuracy. It also includes detailed reports and statistic charts.


  1. Time saving
  2. Easy Operation / User Friendly
  3. Helps in decision making, planning, cost budgeting
  4. Centralized Information Management
  5. Easy Setting and Efficient
  6. Reports and Charts provided