Bus Management & Information System

It is developed to record the buses punctuality. This system involved setting up the hardware at each of the bus stop check point in order to ensure that the buses checking each bus stop at a schedule time. Besides monitoring and tracking, this system also allows user to schedule the buses time table for each bus. The RFID technology records the buses check-in information once the bus stops at the bus stop check point. This RFID recording is in real-time. SMS notification feature is a plug-in application to enhance the system functionality where any late check-in will be triggered. This is to acknowledge the responsible personnel if they are late to the schedule check point after the buffer period.


  1. Organization Management: Setup the profile of each bus and contact person.
  2. Map Visualization: Setup the bus stop check point by clicking the location on the map. Enter the information for the check point.
  3. Real Time Information Recording: The check-in information will send to the server database via network for checking with schedule. Real time information is recording without foul play.
  4. One Screen Monitoring: Monitor the bus stop check points