GIS Based Oil Palm Management System

The GIS Based Oil Palm Management System aims to assist the management of oil palm plantation via the use of satellite images as well as image content retrieval from the satellite image itself. With the GIS database, this system is able to determine the actual size of the estates and their layout.

Site survey for planted and unplanted areas is hard to detect on ground hence the use of satellite images and GIS techniques together with award winning tree detection algorithm is a good match for this purpose. Thus, identification of oil palm plantation will be done using satellite images and integrate it into our image processing techniques.

The identification & buffering of oil palm tree using our GIS system, the actual planted and unplanted areas for overall estate can be done more accurately and solve the problem of knowing which participating land deserve to get those dividend.


  1. It reduces reliance on manpower need to work in the estate.
  2. It able overcome the inaccurate hectare measurement of planted areas and the measurement of the estate size
  3. The overall productivity measurement of an estate can be done more accurately
  4. The oil palm density for the planted areas can also be detected and calculated more accurately.
  5. It allows a more oriented and proper way for oil palm estate to organize and manage better through the information of the land participants, land size